Dr. Sutherland

Interview With Veterinarian, Dr. Christine Sutherland

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Photo By: Ignacio Martinez

By: Ignacio Martinez

Reata Equine Hospital, a mainstay on the outskirts of the small town of Weatherford, Texas, saw the newest addition to its veterinary team in June of 2014 with the arrival Dr. Christine Sutherland. In her time at the Reata, Dr. Sutherland has prospered professionally, but has also managed to call attention to and attempt to counteract the negative affects of an epidemic currently on the rise in the Texas equestrian world.

Many of the horses Dr. Sutherland treats are the survivors of so-called ‘kill-pens.’ Once a horse is in a kill-pen, the only two feasible outcomes are for it to be either taken across the border to Mexico for slaughter or for a kind-hearted horse owner to see a video of the horse on social media and purchase it for pennies on the dollar. Subjected to living in cramped spaces and squalor, a large number of the horses that are rescued from these poor living conditions leave the kill-pens with unfortunate mementos from their time there.

Dr. Sutherland, in her time treating these kill-pen survivors, has seen first-hand the severity of injury or disease that horses who make it out of these facilities alive are left to live with. However, as a practicing veterinarian in the state where this issue has most strongly taken hold, Dr. Sutherland remains resolute in continuing to treat these horses to the best of her ability.

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